Travian Hero guide

Are your hero losing too much Health ?
Do you have the problem in keeping the hero alive after sending them on adventures?

Well then I have the solution for you.

Now we start from day 0 in the beginning your hero is almost not losing any health but that will change when the server gets older.

So to make sure your hero lose as little as possible you need to put Points in Fighting strength. It’s really important cause the more Fighting strength your hero have the lower health it looses.

So why would you pick Fighting strength instead of Resources ? its cause you need your hero out on adventures since it’s a significant income for your village. You Always have a chance to gain Resources from adventures and it can be over 1500 in each type and that’s allot in the beginning. And ofc you need the items he can find.

So if you have silver for it make sure you get some ointment since it help you allot as well. But remember to not spend too much on it make your deals.

If you are clearing a village make sure you Always have your hero with you.
Since its free exp.

It’s really not that hard. So pick those Fighting strength and you are golden.


Not being a farm

So you having problem with some attacking neighbors ?
No problem I will try my best here to help you out.

Okay lets take this from the beginning, the only reason why you getting attacked is cause of Resources or competition. The player who is attacking is gaining a lot of Resources on you so make sure he aint getting any.

First of all be a pain in the ass and build some troops as defence, even if you only gain 10 – 20 troops you will make sure he losing on it.
And if you on the same time can hide all your resources and making him loose on it he will stop.

If he raiding you just cause of the Resources there is a big chance that he only uses a small portion of his army and will easy be wiped out.

  • First make sure you have your cranny up in level
  • If you are a Gaul build som traps
  • Build some troops and send them away as reinforce

It’s really that simple make sure he aint get any and be a pain when it comes to making him lose troops.

This will for sure not work if the game is so long in that he have catas.
He may then zero you to the ground but hey if that’s the case you made something wrong in the first place.

Raiding as a topp 10 Gaul

This guide / Tutorial will help you attain your goal as a plunder.
The guide you will be Reading are suitable for both travian kingdom and legend.
So take a seat and take a glass of water.

The first few days you need to focus getting up your troop count so you can start farm when your protection is over.
During your time in beginner protection make sure to farm oases when you can.

So the most important thing you need to know is that you use the right troops for the right purpose. In the beginning Before you can get TT you will need to train Swordsmen. Swordsmen is really bad in farming but its the best you have in the beginning.

So make some swords at least 100 – 200 and make a farm list in your rally Point.
You may Think that attacking in larger numbers may be the best but I need to stop you there. Never ever attack with a large number of troops when the goal is to get Resources it may be good at the time your troops arrive but useless otherwise.

1 attack = as small amount as possible without any death. Try to send 3 – 4 swords in every attack.

So how should your list look like, well don’t go for quantity go for quality.
A list of 3 – 7 villages is super in the beginning.

Now you may Think what is this dude talking about. Well here is the thing you want to send as many attacks as you can to a very small amount of players.
Each wave should be the same as you can train your Soldiers. So if it takes you 12 mins to recruit a sword then you should have your wave sent out every 12 mins.

1 sword training time = 12 min
1 wave = 12 min

5 targets = 5 attacks each 12 min

24 min = 10 attacks and so on.

If you Think this is to slow upgrade your Barack so it get faster to train a sword. When you get down to a training time around 6 min you get out 10 attack in 12 min and 20 in 24 mins.

The whole Point in this is to actually steal the other persons hour production. This farming tech will be much more effective than sending 50 sword in one attack.

This works the exact same way with your TT but they are around 3 times faster so you can do the math. 1500 swords is the same as 500 TT.

If you follow this guide you will be top 10 robber of the week for sure.
But you will need to attack al the time and its hard work and requires dedication even on the nights so make sure you get a sitter or a dual.

Playing as king “Gaul” Week 1

So you want to play as a king ?
Alright let’s go into it.

As king you obtain Resources from both fields, missions and your governors.
When I go for king I use to prefer defence cause you will need to be able to defend your kingdom. But this can be risky as well cause if you aint having any
active members in your kingdom that can go for offensive you will be stuck. Continue reading “Playing as king “Gaul” Week 1″

Troop statstic

Let’s take a tour into the statistic behind troops in travian kingdoms.

When it comes to attack per cost we can se that clubswinger is the number one unit they have a base attack on 0.22222 and under clubswinger we have axefighter on a 0.1765 value. This means that Teutons have both rank 1 and 2 when it comes to troops per cost and on the 3th place we have Gauls with their swordsman with a value on 0.1757

If we look at the attack per training time we still have the clubswinger at top with a base value 0.0556

  1. Equites Caesaris – 0.0511
  2. Teutonic Knight 0.0507

Defense (inf. + cav.) per cost

  1. Phalanx 0.4091
  2. Spearfighter 0.3958
  3. Praetorian 0.3125

Defense (inf.) per cost

  1. Praetorian 0.2031
  2. Phalanx 0.1818
  3. Druidrider 0.1513

Defense (cav.) per cost

  1. Spearfighter 0.25
  2. Phalanx 0.2273
  3. Legionnaire 0.1786

Defense (Average) per cost

  1. Phalanx 0.20454545
  2. Spearfighter 0.19791667
  3. Praetorian 0.15625

And now the moste important one for me at least, what troop is the best one to use in plundering.
I think this point is so important so you may wana look at this list before you choise what tribe you going to play.

Efficiency (capacity * speed)

  1. Theutates Thunder 1425
  2. Equites Imperatoris 1400
  3. Paladin 1100

Efficiency per cost (efficiency / cost)

  1. Clubswinger 2.33333
  2. Theutates Thunder 1.875
  3. Paladin 1.5714


Travian play as Teutons

The best way to play as Teutons. Keep reading the article to find out how to play Teutons and end up being top 10. This is proven to be one of the best ways to go and is tested by myself. This guide is probably more for the original travian but may be proven to work on travian kingdoms as well

Continue reading “Travian play as Teutons”

What tribe ?

What tribe should I use in travian kingdoms ? It depends on your game style.
Are you a player who are active, like to play aggressive, farm a bit or are you someone who like to play defensive, make some traps, or do you play somewhere there between.
Keep read this article to find out what you should pick.

Romans are known as the more powerful tribe, they have well build buildings some more armored troops and has a wall made of stone rather than dirt. I used to play this tribe back in the original travian. They are good at attacking but have some bigger army cost. Would say that romans have the ability to play both offensive and defensive since they have good troops in both sides. There troops are good at farming but cause they cost so much they aint effective.
For an example in early game you will more than likely not farm that much since the first troop you get is rather expensive and not the kind of troop you want much of.

My favorite tribe to be honest, almost play this one al the time cause they fit my game style best.
And one reason why this tribe is so loved by many players is cause the first troop you can get is clubswinger and you should have tons of those if you play offensive. In later games you should have at least one village with a nuke. Nuke is the same thing as to have thousands of thousands of clubswingers cause they are very cheap to produce. As a single troop they aint good at all but imagine that you can have 30 – 50 k of them rather than 3 – 5 k roman troops.
This tribe use to be the one that often first hit a target cause of the nuke.

I use Teutons as a farming tribe and they are the most effective if you look at the cost / capacity.
but they aint the best ones cause Gauls have some horses that is much better in capacity and speed but is plenty expensive to get. But as before those horses can’t be trained in the beginning as the clubbswinger can.

This is a class that i never played to be honest and have no experience of, so I will for now just leave this section cause that I missing the correct and right information about it. If you have some more information about Gauls feel free to leave a comment.


Travian kingdoms

Travian kingdoms
Travian kingdoms

Travian kingdoms is an MMORTS game made from “Travian Games GmbH” and is based on its original since 2004 by a person called Gerhard Müller. The original game is translated into 40 language and has over 5 million players on 300 servers around the world.

So what can we expect on the new release of travian called travian kingdoms?
Well the basic features is of corse in the game but this version is much more balanced and as I heard from somewhere is that everyone can win the game not only the biggest player or the one with moste troops. This makes the game just a bit more exciting, I am new to the game and hope to find out everything there is about the game and the idea is to share the information I learn to you guys.

for you who want to find out more about the game use this link