Banned kings

Hi there,

Are you one of those players that got a king with multiple accounts.
And probably got banned for it. Well you are not alone.

I just came across such a player and it’s not clean.
What can you do about this ? Well nothing basically.

Look around in your area to see if you can find a better suited kingdom since when your king get banned the whole kingdom will break down. It’s not likely that the king will get unbanned either.

Until the king gets inactive you can just sit back and wait.


Beginner’s Guide #2 – First week as Gaul

This guide is written by Curtain

Once you complete the “All resource fields to 3” train more swordsmen till you complete the “25 units” and keep attacking the robbers with your growing army. Build your main building to lvl 5 and start to work towards the “one of each to 5” quest. Don’t forget the crop fields either, keep them around the same level as your resource fields. If you followed along and didn’t waste your resources you should have all fields and crop lands at lvl 5 in about two to three days depending on how active you are, it can be faster than that as well.

The second phase begins right after you complete your last lvl 5 field. So far we have only trained swordsmen which are good at killing robbers but we will also need to defend ourselves. The goal for this phase is construction of lvl 5 Trapper and Wall and lvl 1 stable. Additionally we will need to start training Phalanx as well. If you wish you can build more swordsmen as well but keep their numbers between 30 and 50. At this point only attack the Robbers with your Swordsmen and leave the Phalanx at home. A helpful tip is that you can station your Phalanx to an Oasis when you are online for extra resource production, but take them back to your village when you sign out for the night.

Once you have completed the Trapper build all the traps it can build, build the Stable and research the Pathfinder in your academy then build 5 of those for the quest. When you have trained at least 50 Phalanx and 5 Pathfinders, your Wall is at lvl 5 and your Trapper is lvl 5 full of traps move to the next phase.

To settle a new village we will first need a Residence. You will get a large sum of resources for building one so you might also need to expand your Warehouse and Granary to fit it all. Continue to upgrade the Residence to lvl 5. Once at lvl 5 you will gain a free lvl 10 Residence from a quest. In the Residence you can train Settlers, you will need 3 and they are pretty expensive so save up resources and train them as soon as you can. The last Settler you complete will reward you with large sum of resources so finish the Settlers before anything else. Remember to clear the robbers and change Hero production when needed.

Once you have 3 settlers ready you still need enough culture for a second village. You can inspect your culture situation from the residence, at this point it should be close or even over 200/1000. We could wait for the culture to generate but there is another way which we will be using. The Town Hall will reward you with 800 culture points for completing it. Build the main building to lvl 10, followed by the Academy and finally the Town Hall. Once the town hall is complete you can settle your second village. I will talk about suitable spots for settling in part 3 of the guide so check that before settling.

You will pass 200 population when you are upgrading your academy which means you will lose your beginner protection. Before you go beyond 200 population, make sure you have around 100 Phalanx and 10 Pathfinders. Train them as you are upgrading your buildings, if you aren’t quite there yet, stop before 200 population and get the troops before proceeding.

Once you have the troops ready, build the Town Hall and settle your second village. You should arrive at this point in about 3-5 days depending how active you are. In my test game I was quite inactive and was able to settle my second village at the end of my 5th day. I had 120 Phalanx, 50 Swordsman, 15 Pathfinders and the following buildings: lvl 1 Stable, Town Hall, Rally Point, Embassy and Grain Mill; lvl 3 Barracks, Market and Smithy; lvl 5 Wall and Trapper; lvl 8 Warehouse and Granary; lvl 10 Main Building, Residence and Academy. Your troop numbers might vary a bit depending on how you play and how much luck you have on your adventures and daily card game rolls but that should give you an idea what you need to have at this point.

Part 3: Game beyond the beginning

I mentioned earlier that I would explain where you should settle your second village. I also asked you to figure out if you like your current location or not. It’s time to put 1+1 together and see what we get. If your current kingdom is doing well (more members are joining in, borders are expanding and the amount of treasures in the kingdom is growing) and you also like the people you are playing with you should consider settling near your first village. If on the other hand you think you want to leave your current kingdom you can do that by settling inside a kingdom of your choice. If you decide to leave your current area for another kingdom make sure to contact their king first to see if he is willing to take you in. To leave or to stay; this choice is the most important factor on where you should settle.

Next thing you want to consider is what kind of playstyle you want to pursue. If you feel like you calling is to help your team out and build defense choose a 4/4/4/6 (6 cropper or just 6c) as your second village. If you feel going for offense troops instead you should consider a 3/3/3/9 (9c) or even 1/1/1/15 (15c). A 6c will generate more resources which will help you to build your economy faster and build more troops. 9c or 15c will produce a lot of crop which you can use to feed a large offensive army which you can use to raid other players for resources. You can still go defense with a 9c or 15c or offense with a 6c if you like but it’s less common to do so. Additionally the more active you the higher cropper you should choose. If you have been very active and want to go defense 9c might be ideal and if you have less time to play consider going for 6c regardless of offense or defense.

Lastly you will want to consider distance from your starting village. The closer you build the faster you can develop. This is because you will want to transfer resources from your first village to the second to speed up its growth and the larger the distance the slower you can push the resources trough.

There is no one right answer but if you aren’t sure a 6c near your starting village is usually a solid choice as it guarantees the fastest growth and you can always use your third village to join a kingdom of your liking as well.
Another thing to note is that you don’t want to defend the second village right away, instead build few levels of cranny and Trapper into it to deter people from raiding it. Trying to defend your second village without sufficient troops and defense buildings can be a bad idea, unless you have allies that can help you defend. Getting attacked isn’t a big deal so long as you lose minimum resources and no troops.

From here all paths are open to you, maybe you will become your teams top defender, maybe you will become a fearsome raider or tough attacker, maybe a bit of everything, follow your heart and do what you see best or ask your king/dukes to help you decide what needs to be done. The one common thing is keep expanding, keep building troops, keep upgrading and communicate with your team. You also might want to ask someone in your Kingdom to be a sitter for you to watch your account during the nights; in turn you can sit for them. Keep following the quests as well as they keep guiding you even after this point. Here are few example ideas you could try.

The Defender: Focus on Phalanx on your first village balancing your resources between new buildings and fields and more troops. Build some Swordsmen as well to keep the robbers in check but keep the focus on Phalanx. Once you settle your third village, start to build more scouts as well as Phalanx in your second village. Your third village doesn’t need to produce any troops at all and you can use it as a resource village to help the other two to grow and produce troops (though you need to level up the fields there first). If you have trouble feeding your entire defense, ask your kingdom members if they would like to take some as standing defense to their villages. Especially the offense players and king/dukes might be interested in standing defenders. After that you can consider to aim for something like this village set up.

Phalanx + Pathfinders + Swords (1st village)
Phalanx (2nd and 5th village)
Resources (3rd, 6th and 7th village)
Druidriders (4th village)

The Hybrid: Your first village should focus primarily on Swords; otherwise the idea is largely the same as with the defender. Focus should be primarily in defense troops but your first village can slowly ramp up offense production. You can use the Swords and bit later TT’s to raid enemies or inactive villages for extra resources. The plan:

Swords (1st village) + TT’s (when you have 3 villages)
Phalanx (2nd and 5th village) (Pathfinders on 2nd village)
Resources (3rd, 6th and 7th village)
Druidriders (4th village)

The Attacker: More offense focused than the Hybrid approach you will need a lot of help from your team to defend your villages to make this work. Start producing TT’s as soon as you can and use them to raid unsuspecting enemies and grey inactive villages. If you settler on a 9c or 15c build your attacking troops in there, otherwise build them in your first village. Prioritize TT’s over Swords as they are better raiding units and will pay form themselves eventually if you use them for this purpose.

Swords + TT’s (1st village) + Rams (when you have 3 villages) + Trebuchets (when you have 5 villages)
Resources (2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th village)
Phalanx + Scouts (3rd village)
Either more Phalanx or another village with TT’s and possibly Swords (6th village)

With all 3 of these example playstyles build troops when you can afford them, you don’t have to produce from both villages as soon as you settle your second village but take your time and expand production slowly but steadily. Raiding and clearing robbers in all 3 examples is an important source of income so consider trying those as well. Also keep in mind these are only suggestions.

Playing as king “Gaul” Week 1

So you want to play as a king ?
Alright let’s go into it.

As king you obtain Resources from both fields, missions and your governors.
When I go for king I use to prefer defence cause you will need to be able to defend your kingdom. But this can be risky as well cause if you aint having any
active members in your kingdom that can go for offensive you will be stuck. Continue reading “Playing as king “Gaul” Week 1″

Travian kingdoms “Oasis”

Hi there,
Have been trying around to se whats best to do against oasis.
Need to say that my first idea how they worked is not the same anymore
and if you are interested in reading more about this, please feel free to
press on the read more button to read the full article about this.

Continue reading “Travian kingdoms “Oasis””

Travian kingdoms “Attacking”

In this article you will find everything you need to know
about attacking in travian kingdoms.

First of all you can only attack villages that ain’t in beginner’s protection or banned.
On normal speed servers a beginner protection is 7 days and as far as I know that
beginner protection can only be stopped if the player is changing from governor to king, cause a king only have 2 days protection.

When you going to attack a player you need to know the different between normal attack and raid.
If your plans is to destroy the targets units you shall almost every time choise normal attacks cause than the army will fight until your or his/her army is dead.

If you choise to attack as a raid there will often be units left alive from both sides and raiding is often only used while plundering a village that means that the village already is empty from units.

Destroying Buildings: Catapults and Rams will only work in attack or siege mode. Walls and buildings can only be destroyed during attack or siege mode.

If you attacked a Gaul and found that some of your troops was trapped in the traps, than the only way to release them is to attack with a normal attack but remember that if your target have more traps your attacking troops an as well get trapped so always attack with a bigger army while releasing.

Attacking with multiple waves: If you want to send more than one wave (usually done with catapults), you can open multiple tabs in the rally point. However there is a limit in Travian: Kingdoms to the number of waves you can send per second depending on the travel time:

  • 3h: 1 wave
  • 3-6h: 2 waves
  • 6-12h: 3 waves
  • 12h: 4 waves

To find more information about this use this link

Travian kingdoms “My journey part 1”

My journey part 1

As you may not this post is probably written a few days or a week ago cause
of espionage in the game. Just to make sure that my account stay safe in
game I need to make it this way.

So far it have been a fun experience on travian kingdoms.
At the beginning I could basically nothing about this version of the game
but cause I played the original travian back in the days I knew what I did.

The basic is as I sees it the same, it’s the same units the same building but the mechanic behind it have changed a bit. There is much more to do now and it’s a plus.

When you upgraded your building recruited your troops there is still things to do,
you can always send out some attacks on the robbers in your kingdom or collecting some resources from the oasis. But as soon as the beginner protection goes out there will be a lot of farming.

I knew how the farming works in the original so going to be a fun thing to try here on kingdoms.
Can imagine that it works almost the same.

Travian kingdoms “Influence”

How does “influence” work ?
Well I will try my best to explain this since there is some important information to know about.

The area that a kingdom have is based on population and treasures.
The kings villages and village size have a matter in this case and if the kingdom have a duke even his villages will matter in this.

So for an example this is a good picture taken from the wiki.


As you se above the population of a village with a treasury in it is increasing the range.

+ 1000

When you get a village with over 1000 population you will reach the maximum area with 4.1 squares in each direction.

If you want to calculate this on your own use this formula
(1+treasure bonus)*population/distance

Troop statstic

Let’s take a tour into the statistic behind troops in travian kingdoms.

When it comes to attack per cost we can se that clubswinger is the number one unit they have a base attack on 0.22222 and under clubswinger we have axefighter on a 0.1765 value. This means that Teutons have both rank 1 and 2 when it comes to troops per cost and on the 3th place we have Gauls with their swordsman with a value on 0.1757

If we look at the attack per training time we still have the clubswinger at top with a base value 0.0556

  1. Equites Caesaris – 0.0511
  2. Teutonic Knight 0.0507

Defense (inf. + cav.) per cost

  1. Phalanx 0.4091
  2. Spearfighter 0.3958
  3. Praetorian 0.3125

Defense (inf.) per cost

  1. Praetorian 0.2031
  2. Phalanx 0.1818
  3. Druidrider 0.1513

Defense (cav.) per cost

  1. Spearfighter 0.25
  2. Phalanx 0.2273
  3. Legionnaire 0.1786

Defense (Average) per cost

  1. Phalanx 0.20454545
  2. Spearfighter 0.19791667
  3. Praetorian 0.15625

And now the moste important one for me at least, what troop is the best one to use in plundering.
I think this point is so important so you may wana look at this list before you choise what tribe you going to play.

Efficiency (capacity * speed)

  1. Theutates Thunder 1425
  2. Equites Imperatoris 1400
  3. Paladin 1100

Efficiency per cost (efficiency / cost)

  1. Clubswinger 2.33333
  2. Theutates Thunder 1.875
  3. Paladin 1.5714


Robber Hideouts and Camps

Have you found that there is Robber hideouts on your travian kingdoms map. Make sure to get rid of those as fast as you can. If you wait a certain amount of time they will begin to send attacks on your village instead. How big are those attacks? can’t tell.

But those hideouts is a good way to get resources, and if you manage to kill and plunder al the resources you can find in there you will as well gain some stolen gods that you can sell to your king via the tribute funds. You will find the gods in your heroes inventory.

It seems like the hideouts is randomly placed around your capital and from my view they appear maybe 3 – 5 times a day.

Robbers Camps
This seems to be another way to fight against hideouts but this time you will fight with your kingdoms player. The bigger your kingdom is the more camps it will be.
They can’t be attacked from a single player so you need to team up with your neighbours and after 5 succeeded attacks or so it will disappear. But if your kingdom can’t get rid of it in a certain amount of time the camp will start to randomly send out attacks to villages close to it.

NOTE: When you selling stolen gods they will always travel at 7 fields per hour.

Travian play as Teutons

The best way to play as Teutons. Keep reading the article to find out how to play Teutons and end up being top 10. This is proven to be one of the best ways to go and is tested by myself. This guide is probably more for the original travian but may be proven to work on travian kingdoms as well

Continue reading “Travian play as Teutons”