Travian play as Teutons

The best way to play as Teutons. Keep reading the article to find out how to play Teutons and end up being top 10. This is proven to be one of the best ways to go and is tested by myself. This guide is probably more for the original travian but may be proven to work on travian kingdoms as well

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Travian kingdoms

Travian kingdoms
Travian kingdoms

Travian kingdoms is an MMORTS game made from “Travian Games GmbH” and is based on its original since 2004 by a person called Gerhard Müller. The original game is translated into 40 language and has over 5 million players on 300 servers around the world.

So what can we expect on the new release of travian called travian kingdoms?
Well the basic features is of corse in the game but this version is much more balanced and as I heard from somewhere is that everyone can win the game not only the biggest player or the one with moste troops. This makes the game just a bit more exciting, I am new to the game and hope to find out everything there is about the game and the idea is to share the information I learn to you guys.

for you who want to find out more about the game use this link