Robber Hideouts and Camps

Have you found that there is Robber hideouts on your travian kingdoms map. Make sure to get rid of those as fast as you can. If you wait a certain amount of time they will begin to send attacks on your village instead. How big are those attacks? can’t tell.

But those hideouts is a good way to get resources, and if you manage to kill and plunder al the resources you can find in there you will as well gain some stolen gods that you can sell to your king via the tribute funds. You will find the gods in your heroes inventory.

It seems like the hideouts is randomly placed around your capital and from my view they appear maybe 3 – 5 times a day.

Robbers Camps
This seems to be another way to fight against hideouts but this time you will fight with your kingdoms player. The bigger your kingdom is the more camps it will be.
They can’t be attacked from a single player so you need to team up with your neighbours and after 5 succeeded attacks or so it will disappear. But if your kingdom can’t get rid of it in a certain amount of time the camp will start to randomly send out attacks to villages close to it.

NOTE: When you selling stolen gods they will always travel at 7 fields per hour.