Tributes, Treasures and Stolen Goods

How does it work, well governors is providing their king with tributes in form of Resources that is taxes for being a part of the kingdom and as well treasures.

Treasures is generated from stolen goods that is obtained from robbers and robber camps. When you sell those stolen gods as a governor you giving your king treasures that generates victory Points for the kingdom.

Keep in mind that treasures can as well be stolen from other kings by a succeeded attack, Each attack can only carry 33% of the kings treasures but you need to send a hero with you to do so.


Travian Hero guide

Are your hero losing too much Health ?
Do you have the problem in keeping the hero alive after sending them on adventures?

Well then I have the solution for you.

Now we start from day 0 in the beginning your hero is almost not losing any health but that will change when the server gets older.

So to make sure your hero lose as little as possible you need to put Points in Fighting strength. It’s really important cause the more Fighting strength your hero have the lower health it looses.

So why would you pick Fighting strength instead of Resources ? its cause you need your hero out on adventures since it’s a significant income for your village. You Always have a chance to gain Resources from adventures and it can be over 1500 in each type and that’s allot in the beginning. And ofc you need the items he can find.

So if you have silver for it make sure you get some ointment since it help you allot as well. But remember to not spend too much on it make your deals.

If you are clearing a village make sure you Always have your hero with you.
Since its free exp.

It’s really not that hard. So pick those Fighting strength and you are golden.