Playing as king “Gaul” Week 1

So you want to play as a king ?
Alright let’s go into it.

As king you obtain Resources from both fields, missions and your governors.
When I go for king I use to prefer defence cause you will need to be able to defend your kingdom. But this can be risky as well cause if you aint having any
active members in your kingdom that can go for offensive you will be stuck. Continue reading “Playing as king “Gaul” Week 1″


Travian kingdoms “Influence”

How does “influence” work ?
Well I will try my best to explain this since there is some important information to know about.

The area that a kingdom have is based on population and treasures.
The kings villages and village size have a matter in this case and if the kingdom have a duke even his villages will matter in this.

So for an example this is a good picture taken from the wiki.


As you se above the population of a village with a treasury in it is increasing the range.

+ 1000

When you get a village with over 1000 population you will reach the maximum area with 4.1 squares in each direction.

If you want to calculate this on your own use this formula
(1+treasure bonus)*population/distance