Travian kingdoms “Attacking”

In this article you will find everything you need to know
about attacking in travian kingdoms.

First of all you can only attack villages that ain’t in beginner’s protection or banned.
On normal speed servers a beginner protection is 7 days and as far as I know that
beginner protection can only be stopped if the player is changing from governor to king, cause a king only have 2 days protection.

When you going to attack a player you need to know the different between normal attack and raid.
If your plans is to destroy the targets units you shall almost every time choise normal attacks cause than the army will fight until your or his/her army is dead.

If you choise to attack as a raid there will often be units left alive from both sides and raiding is often only used while plundering a village that means that the village already is empty from units.

Destroying Buildings: Catapults and Rams will only work in attack or siege mode. Walls and buildings can only be destroyed during attack or siege mode.

If you attacked a Gaul and found that some of your troops was trapped in the traps, than the only way to release them is to attack with a normal attack but remember that if your target have more traps your attacking troops an as well get trapped so always attack with a bigger army while releasing.

Attacking with multiple waves: If you want to send more than one wave (usually done with catapults), you can open multiple tabs in the rally point. However there is a limit in Travian: Kingdoms to the number of waves you can send per second depending on the travel time:

  • 3h: 1 wave
  • 3-6h: 2 waves
  • 6-12h: 3 waves
  • 12h: 4 waves

To find more information about this use this link