Travian kingdoms “Oasis”

Hi there,
Have been trying around to se whats best to do against oasis.
Need to say that my first idea how they worked is not the same anymore
and if you are interested in reading more about this, please feel free to
press on the read more button to read the full article about this.

At the beginning of travian kingdoms I used to assign an oasis to my village and after that supporting the rest of the oasis in the kingdom. I almost always end up being on rank 5 cause I was al over the place.

If you defending an oasis that your kingdom own you will get the same resource produce from that village as you have troops in it.

So let say that you have 10 troops in an iron/clay oasis it will generate you 10 iron and 10 clay each hour basically but then you have a percentage each rank you are at so if you are at rank 5 you will get a very low-income.

So my tips here is to find a 50 % wheat oas and assign it to your village so you get a standard income that means you will get some standard wheat per hour just cause you assigned it.
Now let send al of our deff units that we don’t need to that oas and gain even more wheat.

Always try to be at rank 1 in that oasis if you can cause that will give you 50 % of the income.

So what have I learn about this, well always try to be best in one oasis rather than al of them cause I had a few oasis that only gave me 10 resources each wave, means 3 hour I belive and that’s crazy, not even worth it.

Hope this helped you a bit at least.



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