Travian kingdoms “My journey part 1”

My journey part 1

As you may not this post is probably written a few days or a week ago cause
of espionage in the game. Just to make sure that my account stay safe in
game I need to make it this way.

So far it have been a fun experience on travian kingdoms.
At the beginning I could basically nothing about this version of the game
but cause I played the original travian back in the days I knew what I did.

The basic is as I sees it the same, it’s the same units the same building but the mechanic behind it have changed a bit. There is much more to do now and it’s a plus.

When you upgraded your building recruited your troops there is still things to do,
you can always send out some attacks on the robbers in your kingdom or collecting some resources from the oasis. But as soon as the beginner protection goes out there will be a lot of farming.

I knew how the farming works in the original so going to be a fun thing to try here on kingdoms.
Can imagine that it works almost the same.


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