Travian play as Teutons

The best way to play as Teutons. Keep reading the article to find out how to play Teutons and end up being top 10. This is proven to be one of the best ways to go and is tested by myself. This guide is probably more for the original travian but may be proven to work on travian kingdoms as well

First of all the best farming Teutons is often placed in the middle of the map meaning that they was registered on the first day or two, but keep in mind that if you placing your village in the middle you will for sure competing against other active plunders.

So if you want to be at the very top this is a most to do, so register at the first day and you will have a chance to get to the top 10.

But this is not always the case if you look at the plunder list.
Plunder and top 10 population is never the same. If you plunder a huge amount of resources you will for sure gain more population cause you have more resources to build with but don’t spend it on buildings, the idea behind plundering is to always use half of your plunder income to produce even more troops. So if you gain 1000 resources from plunder than you most use 500 of them on producing even more troops. Troops is the same as income so never spend resources on high resource field if you aint needs it. Troops, troops and more troops.

In the end troops kills and population don’t so it’s a win win.

Lett says that you now have 200 – 300 troops you should always look for more targets. So keep in mind that you should use a grid lett say start with 6×6 and if you controlling that area keep on growing to 9×9 12×12 and so on.

Now let’s say that you have 100 targets, all the small targets you should use 3 – 5 units to attack and the bigger ones you can use 5 – 10 in each but remember as long as the targets wall is down you can use a smaller troop number and spamming the attacks. I use to send 1 attack / target each 10 min so lett say in 1 hour you will send 6 attacks to the same target and if you than have 100 of them you will be sending out 600 attacks each hour. But remember always have the same number targets that you can provide attacks to so for example. If you only have 1000 troops and you use 5 each target you can send out 1 attack on 200 targets. But we want to send each 10 min and that gives us 20 so 20 targets will give you 200 attacks each hour / 1000 clubswinger but just to be sure you need to calculate the returning speed as well.

Anyway you want to spam the attacks instead of attacking with larger troop number attacks.

If you follow this you will for sure always get the resources you need to get to top 10.
I was in top 10 plunder a several weeks mid game but went down cause of troop loss.



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