What tribe ?

What tribe should I use in travian kingdoms ? It depends on your game style.
Are you a player who are active, like to play aggressive, farm a bit or are you someone who like to play defensive, make some traps, or do you play somewhere there between.
Keep read this article to find out what you should pick.

Romans are known as the more powerful tribe, they have well build buildings some more armored troops and has a wall made of stone rather than dirt. I used to play this tribe back in the original travian. They are good at attacking but have some bigger army cost. Would say that romans have the ability to play both offensive and defensive since they have good troops in both sides. There troops are good at farming but cause they cost so much they aint effective.
For an example in early game you will more than likely not farm that much since the first troop you get is rather expensive and not the kind of troop you want much of.

My favorite tribe to be honest, almost play this one al the time cause they fit my game style best.
And one reason why this tribe is so loved by many players is cause the first troop you can get is clubswinger and you should have tons of those if you play offensive. In later games you should have at least one village with a nuke. Nuke is the same thing as to have thousands of thousands of clubswingers cause they are very cheap to produce. As a single troop they aint good at all but imagine that you can have 30 – 50 k of them rather than 3 – 5 k roman troops.
This tribe use to be the one that often first hit a target cause of the nuke.

I use Teutons as a farming tribe and they are the most effective if you look at the cost / capacity.
but they aint the best ones cause Gauls have some horses that is much better in capacity and speed but is plenty expensive to get. But as before those horses can’t be trained in the beginning as the clubbswinger can.

This is a class that i never played to be honest and have no experience of, so I will for now just leave this section cause that I missing the correct and right information about it. If you have some more information about Gauls feel free to leave a comment.



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